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fall1mFall allergy sufferers can suffer from a host of symptoms that include itchy watery eyes, runny nose and dry throat. Many people head inside thinking it will alleviate their symptoms, but in many cases the indoor air quality is just as poor as the outdoors. Here are just a few suggestions to help with your indoor air quaility.



  1. Running an air-purification unit can remove even the smallest of particles from the air you breathe. HEPA filters remove the most particles, but filter-free units have electronically charged plates that collect particles quite well too. During fall allergy season, you can run your unit around the clock to improve your air quality.
  2. Furnace filters should be replaced every two to three months, but it’s wise to change them more often when fall allergies are in full swing. Carbon filters can help remove odors and outdoor pollution from your indoor air quality in addition to a regular filter that will remove particles.
  3. Vacuum your floors every few days to keep pollens at a minimum indoors. Many vacuums on the market have HEPA filters built into them to minimize the amount of irritants that are spread back into the air. If you have a Central Vac system in your home you should have it cleaned. A central vac system that is cleaned regularly will ensure optimum function with increased suction and will extend the life of your unit. This will significantly improve the air quality in your home. By removing these allergens from your central vacuum system, it will prevent the redistribution of these harmful particles from recirculating back into your home, creating a truly healthier environment for you and your family.
  4. Pollen can find its way onto your skin, hair and clothing, so after your day is finished it’s best to bathe and change your clothing as soon as possible to prevent allergens from spreading to your bed or furniture.

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