Professional Window Cleaning – Let the sun shine in


If you have ever taken on the task of cleaning your windows you know it can be daunting and time consuming. Hiring a professional to clean your windows is a minimal cost when you consider the time and aggravation you will save. 

There are several benefits to hiring a professional to wash your windows. Their experience, equipment, and professional cleaning solutions, produce superior results. Most homeowners can tackle this chore, but it could take hours on end. Our team of professionals can get the job done in just a few hours.

If your house has more than one level it is also a safety concern hauling around equipment and climbing up and down a ladder in order to clean the upper windows. Why not leave it to Castle Maintenance to navigate the ladder and equipment to get your windows glistening again?


Extend the life of your windows

Cleaning of your windows can protect and extend the life of your windows. Over time, your windows will gather dust, dirt, oxidation, and other corrosive substances. Regularly cleaning your windows will help remove contaminants, such as: pollutants, hard minerals, and mildew. The key factor is to remove these contaminants before they cause permanent damage, like the effects of oxidization. Professional window cleaners use solutions that are more effective at cleaning away the dirt that can accumulate on windows, due to daily dust and pollution. Often, this is required when windows are not cleaned on a regular basis.
Saves you time

We are all trying to balance our time between work, family, friends and doing the things we love. We would rather be enjoying our time instead of doing the household chores that are needed to upkeep our homes, like washing windows. Most of us are capable of doing the job, but what may take up your whole weekend to accomplish, will take our team of professionals only a few hours. The Castle Maintenance team is professional and has the experience to efficiently wash your windows so you can spend your time doing the things you enjoy.

Reasonably priced

Hiring a professional window cleaning company to wash your windows may cost more than your sweat equity but there are several things to consider. If you look at the cost of your time, plus the cost of supplies and equipment, you begin to see the value in hiring a professional window cleaning company.
If you consider the amount of money spent on professional staff, ladders, cleaning solutions, equipment, and the onsite service it is easier to understand the cost for the expert service.

Additional services

Most companies that offer window washing offer multiple services, which can save you time and money. Castle Maintenance offers a variety of services such as Furnace and duct cleaning, gutter cleaning, pressure washing and so much more. Having Castle Maintenance take care of all your home maintenance issues, provides you with an all in one solution.

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