How often should I get my Furnace Cleaned?


There are several questions that homeowners typically wonder about when it comes to the maintenance of their furnaces. Perhaps one of the biggest and most frequently asked questions is this — How often do I clean my furnace?

Most home heating experts recommend that a furnace be cleaned at least once per year. It doesn’t matter if you have an electric powered furnace, a gas powered furnace, a propane powered furnace, or an oil powered furnace. The reason why it’s so important to get your furnace cleaned at least once a year is to help ensure that the furnace is operating at peak efficiency.

When a furnace is operating at peak efficiency, you not only save a lot of money on heating expenses, but you also help extend the life of your furnace. Let’s face it, most people would rather pay a relatively small amount of money on a yearly basis to have their furnace properly serviced and cleaned than to have a major outage in the middle of the winter and end up spending thousands of dollars on emergency repairs.

People who ask how often they should get their furnace cleaned are usually concerned about making sure that their unit operates properly, while at the same time making sure that they’re not paying for excessive and potentially unnecessary maintenance procedures. It’s all about striking an appropriate balance. That’s why most reputable home heating professionals recommend that a furnace be serviced once per year. No more, no less.

For example, it’s not uncommon for the air filter to be changed during your annual furnace cleaning. In addition, it’s also typical for a furnace to have various parts inspected to ensure that they are operating safely. The exact details of what furnace components will be evaluated and cleaned will largely depend on whether or not you have an electric powered furnace, a gas powered furnace, a propane powered furnace, or an oil powered furnace. Each type of furnace is slightly different insofar as the way it operates.

When you really stop and think about this, getting your furnace cleaned makes sense. A furnace is an important piece of equipment that gets used a lot to help ensure that your home is warm and comfortable in the winter months. You want to make sure that your furnace is operating as efficiently and as safely as possible.

To that end, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re doing business with a reputable company that has experience cleaning and maintaining different types of furnaces. Castle Maintenance has been servicing Calgary home with pride for almost 50 years. Don’t make the mistake of assuming you can skip yearly maintenance on your furnace. Remember, what you’re trying to avoid is having the furnace break down in the middle of the winter, resulting in your having to pay thousands of dollars for emergency repairs.

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