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How often and why you should flush your Hot Water tank?


Among many other components in your home that require regular maintenance, your Hot Water tank also needs TLC. Hard water contains calcium and magnesium, draining and flushing out these minerals and the debris that accumulates at the bottom of the tank is extremely important in keeping your tank working properly, and efficiently, and help prevent premature failure.

Some experts suggest monthly, some say every six months and some say yearly. It really depends on how hard the water is in your area. Calgary has extremely hard water so we suggest flushing your tank every six months to a year.

Sediment at the wtr_htr_gas_noted_leadersbottom of your heater can prevent the drain valve from working properly and even effect the efficiency of your hot water heater. As sediment builds up, it takes more energy to heat the water, increased energy costs is a common side effect of hard water. Specifically, calcium scale and mineral deposits or sediment are the result of hard water in a water heater. As the scale builds up, it actually works to insulate the water from the heating effects of the water heater.

Another effect of hard water on a water heater is the accumulation of sediment making its way into water lines and creating an obstruction. This type of blockage is frequently difficult to detect and can lead to very expensive repair bills in order to pinpoint and eliminate the blockage.

Castle Maintenance has many great services including flushing out or replacing your hot water tank.

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