Cleaning Your Furnace and Ducts


Furnace ducts are the vents and ductwork that channel air throughout a building as it is being heated or cooled by the air conditioning system. Ducts can take air and circulate it back out with the help of the furnace fan. How well sealed the ducts are decides how much heat or cool air is lost in the journey and how much energy the air system can save. Even fully sealed ducts can sometimes suffer from dirt or mold problems, and the only way to take care of these problems is with a thorough furnace duct cleaning from a professional.

Furnace and Duct cleaning refers to the process of removing dust layers and any other contaminants from the inside of the furnace and ducts which cannot easily be reached. Proper duct cleaning can only be done by a professional with the right tools. Specialized extensions and cleaning devices are inserted into the ducts to scrape debris off the sides of the ducts, and then a vacuuming system is used to remove the dislodged debris permanently.

Ducts should be cleaned when there is a noticeable or a serious problem that requires attention. If there is visible mold growing on the ducts or the furnace itself, the ducts should be thoroughly cleaned. Vermin like mice leave nests that must be cleaned away, and sometimes unexpected amounts of dust can clog the vents or cause the dust to spread through the house until the source is removed.

Castle Maintenance has teams of professionals who will clean and maintain your furnace and ducts and keep your unit running efficiently and with clean fresh airflow.


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